Have a plan to help save American democracy.

We’re living in unprecedented times and if this great democratic experiment is going to survive then every American eligible to vote needs to have at least a chance to exercise his or her rights. The following is a plan which you can copy or print out and fill in with your own information and use to remind yourself of what you need on Election Day and the deadlines you’ll need to get to that point. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Support democracy.

My Voting Plan

I live in the State of ______________.

My state allows online registration: (Yes/No)

I have checked my voter registration at iwillvote.com and am registered: (Yes/No)

If I am not registered I will register by: in person / mail / online

The physical address, mailing address or URL I will need for this is:

The deadline for my chosen form of registration is __________________ so I have scheduled myself to register on ___________________.

I will vote: in person on Election Day, Nov 3rd / in my state’s early voting period / by absentee ballot.

I know my Nov 3rd polling place. It is open from _________ to ________. This is the address:

I will get there by (mode of transportation): ______________

With (anyone you want to travel to your polling place with): ________________

At (time): _________________

I will bring:

__ my mask

__ water

__ a snack and any meds I need (eg. inhaler, migraine medicine, knee braces)

__ my state ID or other approved photo ID where required

__ proof of residency such as a water bill or bank statement where required

__ an umbrella or sunscreen

__ something to read

__ my phone and phone charger

I plan to vote early on (date) __________ which is within my state’s early voting period of ________ to _________. My early voting polling place is open on that date from ________ to ________ and the address is:

My state’s policy on absentee ballots is:

a. ballots automatically mailed to all registered voters

b. ballots must be requested but the pandemic is a viable reason for request

c. ballots must be requested and the pandemic is NOT a viable reason for request.

If a: I am expecting my ballot on or about _________________ and am prepared to send it back or drop it at a drop box straight away.

If b: My state’s deadline for receiving my request is ________________ and I will thereafter receive my ballot on or about _______________.

If c: My state’s deadline for receiving my request is ________________, I will receive my ballot on or about _______________, and I have an alternate plan to vote in person should my request be denied.

For further information I can go to my state’s Secretary of State or Lt. Governor’s website or:



And if I live abroad votefromabroad.org or https://students.votefromabroad.org.

I can find additional information and polling place lookup at https://www.eac.gov/voters/election-day-contact-information

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