Have to say Neverender I did try to read all that vitriol you’ve posted in your initial and follow up replies, but it was too infested with fallacy and hate to get through. Now, given your extremely patronizing tone, your emotional response to being called out on your sexism, and your complete failure to understand pregnancy or female anatomy I’m pretty sure you’re male. Now, that alone disqualifies you from a discussion on female bodily autonomy because you do not have a female body. However, you are further disqualified by your absolute refusal to even try to understand pregnancy and it’s risks. I know you’re not a medical professional because (besides the amazing ignorance you’ve displayed) the first thing one learns before one is allowed anywhere near even a cadaver is that humans are never “hosts.” The only citation you’ve given to defend your rather outlandish claims and uncalled for bullying is to one of those weird rags that are so widely distrusted that fact-checking sites don’t even bother with it. That’s not a source; that is a joke and a rather poor one at that. To that end I’m not even going to bother explaining why you’re wrong because you are so wrong that we’d have to go back to basic biology.

However you need to work on your empathy. I noted before that you are male, but that doesn’t make you a man. I’m not suggesting you’re a minor; I’m telling you that your behavior and words here demonstrate such deplorable lack of empathy that I question your ability to contribute to society in a positive manner. You ended your last post — hypocritically — with a word, “peace.” That is remarkably offensive for you to say without apologizing first. You came in here, glossed over a tremendously difficult post to write and then proceeded to call the author a liar and dismiss her very real experiences. You then, puzzlingly and with no semblance of logic or reasonable rhetoric, tried to tell all the people here who pointed out just how wrong you are that you somehow by virtue of linguistics get the last say. This woman WANTED a child so much so that she and her husband went through IVF to make it happen. Then whilst in a sort of pain you will probably never experience had to make the most heartrending decision imaginable. She then summons up the courage to share that experience and you have the utter audacity to make it about you. That is just about unforgivable and I urge you to beg her forgiveness. You don’t deserve it, but if you ever want to be an actual person that’s where you need to begin.

Doctor of Palaeopathology, rage-prone optimist, stealth berserker, opera enthusiast, and insatiable consumer of academic journals.

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