Guys have said shit like this to me and … probably every woman in existence and it’s always infuriating and demeaning and repulsive, but I always have to wonder … what does it say about them. Are guys like this seriously saying they have absolutely no self-control to the point that they are violent and dangerous and not able to differentiate human beings from meat? And if that’s what they’re saying are they advocating for longer prison sentences for rapists or more severe penalties for sexual assault? Are these guys saying that men are just animalistic and stupid and need women to control and supervise them every waking moment? If guys can’t not rape, then they also shouldn’t be able to own property or hold office or be free. This is simple stuff. These guys are effectively arguing that they can’t control themselves and shouldn’t be responsible for their actions, but if that’s true then there are much wider implications for how we need to be structuring our society.

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