Enjoying all these men in the comment section demonstrating their inability to read. GUYS, YOU’RE SEXIST. I know it’s not comfortable but rather than trying to explain (read: mansplain) why Bernie totes would have won despite losing the primaries by millions of votes to the candidate who actually won the general popular vote how about you evaluate your own character and get over yourselves. These things you are all accusing Hillary of …. she didn’t do. You are repeating myths. It is all in your head because it fits your stupid, selfish, sexist narrative. Yeah, I get that you’re ever so afraid that for ONCE in history the highest office in the land might be occupied by someone with scary innie genitalia but get over it because for my entire life women have been 20% or less of the Congress people despite of making up over half the population. Cry me a goddamn river guys but once you’re done fucking own that you’re misogynist and don’t use your (laughable) progressivism as an excuse to be a sexist and often racist. You don’t have to keep on behaving this way, guys. Yeah, you’ve helped irreparably destroy the career a life long dedicated civil servant and you’ve probably hurt numerous other women in your life, but one of the other advantages of being a man is you don’t have to be continually defined by your previous actions real or imagined. As nasty and inexcusable as your behavior is right now (and guys, you’re coming on here to tell a woman she’s a “c***” …. there’s literally no excuse for that) you do have the opportunity to be better. So fecking do it.

Doctor of Palaeopathology, rage-prone optimist, stealth berserker, opera enthusiast, and insatiable consumer of academic journals.

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