Democracy is dying right out in the open.

Hi all.

Normally when I write these things they’re super long and have a ton of links. Don’t get me wrong, I have one or two articles that are just direct from the gut. This is largely going to be one of those.

American Democracy is dying.

America’s always had problems. I’m not here to blow some Reaganite idea about a “shining city on a hill” because honestly, that ain’t it. And apparently Reagan had a super racist sit down with Nixon so, whereas before I was willing to kinda not harp on all his many … shortcomings because he’s so absurdly worshiped by the GOP I’m just not willing to play at the moment.

But, for all America’s own shortcomings up to now we’ve generally put our best foot forward and moved albeit slowly in the right direction. I’m old enough to remember when “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” was a radical far left scheme.

So now we’ve got babies in cages, the klan has basically taken over the police force, our life expectancy is plummeting, and there is a serial rapist in the Oval Office. But her emails. Great job, everyone. I mean we’re basically all Nazis now but at least the smart lady who could have reversed climate change was metaphorically burned at the stake.

Now, I’m going to try and lay out America’s biggest issues and propose very generalist solutions. Everything I say here is going to be something I’ve gone into great detail on before so if you want more detail just read my other stuff.

This isn’t really in any order. I’m writing for speed here.

  1. White Supremacy

This is actually our biggest problem and really, all of our problems fall under the umbrella of white supremacy or are in some way connected to it. White supremacists are terrorists. They are terrorists. As in they go to Walgreens stores during back-to-school sales and murder babies. They blow up places of worship. One of them sat down and prayed with a church group of African-Americans, then stood up, told them they were rapists, and gunned them down. White supremacists must be excised from America. They are a cancer.

So, here’s how we do it. We hold white people particularly white men to the same standards we hold everyone else.

No, that’s it.

What, you were expecting more? Okay. So, the consistent thing with white supremacists particularly white supremacist terror is that they believe they are entitled to just absurd amounts of privilege because they are white men. Basically all of them were domestic abusers or stalkers before they started killing people. And yeah this applies to white supremacists in the police force as well. And the reason white terror persists is despite the absurd number of warning signs these guys are never properly punished at their first offense. So literally all you have to do to weed out white supremacy is stop giving white men a free pass. If they fuck up mildly once, like you catch him smoking where he shouldn’t be maybe go, “okay you can try again,” but if it’s the fifth time …. put that dude in jail. And if they kill or rape someone … jail. This is not hard. If I killed someone I would go to jail. It’s not weird to demand that white men have to meet the same standards as everyone else and face the same penalties for crimes.

2. Election Integrity

This becomes a state issue because the Secretaries of State in each of the states control how registration and polling is conducted. There are a few federal laws that apply but largely this is something the states control. We NEED to have free and fair elections. That’s the foundation of a democracy and I don’t need to explain this. If you’re super curious read the Federalist Papers.

Anyways, having free and fair elections means that everyone …. YES EVERYONE even those pesky women and minorities that certain primary candidates tried to keep from the polls because they might vote for the nice lady … gets to vote.

Oh yeah and they get to control who they vote for without fear of repercussion. So, for example white guys (see above section) who threaten black women to “get in line or else,” or send threats against DNC workers because things aren’t going their way should be appropriately punished. Not only are those white guys menacing, but they’re interfering with an election.

This one is not actually a simple fix. Again, holding white guys to the same standards as everyone else does help … it keeps the Secretaries of State honest and prevents election day violence. But in this case you actually have to raise the standards for everyone else to what white men expect for themselves. Polling places need to be fecking everywhere, people should be provided free public transportation to and from polling places, all that should be required to vote is a signature, and there should be a possibility for day of registration.

Note: I did not say that election day should be a national holiday and the reason I say that is that undermines local elections which are every bit as important if not moreso than the federal elections and even on national holidays some people still have to work and those people are given far more strict hours than everyone else. If you declare a national holiday on voting day it will actually disenfranchise especially working moms.

Oh, and lastly, the Electoral College is basically a joke at this point. Redistricting needs to occur to eliminate gerrymandering and it would be best if that relic were subsequently eliminated. Good luck with that, btw.

3. Representation

The reason we’re in a bad place is because white men have had unchecked power for always. And sure there’s a few bad women and bad PoCs, but the reason you see bad women and PoCs rising to positions of power is because they’re willing to play to white supremacy game. Eliminating a female candidate or candidate of color because “women aren’t always great either,” is white supremacy. It’s basically saying that until a perfect unicorn of a person of color runs for office then white men only should have control because white men are somehow better than non-perfect women or PoCs. It’s such circular logic I have trouble even explaining it.

Basically, think of your favorite white male candidate. Got him? Great. Okay so what if I told you that his voice is SUPER grating, I don’t like that he’s pursuing power the way he always does, he’s loud and pushy, I find him remarkably arrogant, he really just doesn’t have the experience, he’s so ugly/old, one time he wrote a thing that is terrible, he might have had an affair, his votes aren’t 100% all the time aligned with what I’d like to see, and not that there’s a quota or anything but Congress is about 80% white and male.

So that was pretty transparent, but if you truly love your white male candidate that I just said all that about you’re probably feeling pretty defensive right now. “So what if he’s not perfect,” you might be saying. Yeah. Exactly. So what if she’s not perfect.

The issue with having 20% of Congress being female as an all-time historical high is that white men simply do not have the perspective to lead a diverse nation. These guys may have the experience but even the best of them are completely unequipped. Most of these guys still think racism is just being mean to PoCs. These guys think women’s access to healthcare should be a political issue.

White men do not and cannot adequately represent Americans and especially because they’ve been in control for our entire history and because many of them are overt white supremacists we should at this juncture in history simply not even consider white male “leaders.” They cannot do the job. And they don’t want to. They just want power.

4. Justice

Again, this feeds right back into white supremacy. We have a lopsided justice system which excuses white men for serial rapes and massacres but jails black women for having a miscarriage. And this is by design. That’s not a mistake. Our justice system sucks intentionally to reinforce white supremacy. Lynchings are only legal when the police do it.

Once again, the solution here is to hold white men to the same standards we hold everyone else. If a white man rapes someone we shouldn’t be discussing whether or not he still gets to go to Harvard. We should be discussing whether or not to chemically castrate him. Harvard’s out of the question. He’s a danger to the co-eds there as well as any men who might actually deserve to go to Harvard. Why do we care about his potential when he’s violently squandered that of someone else?

And then the other piece of this is that we need to demand that the police protect and serve all communities. This means intervening appropriately in domestic violence cases. This means enforcing yeah, truancy laws. This means occasionally giving underrepresented individuals a break.

And it also means more women and PoC in law enforcement, DA, and judiciary positions and then not holding them in contempt when that’s been their career. The whole “Kamala is a cop,” thing is …. yeah another tentacle of white supremacy. We need more black/Asian female prosecutors who care about their communities. If she were a white man the same people going “she’s a cop!” would be going, “wow that guy is so progressive and awesome, but he’s too nice to communities of color.” I’m not saying you have to vote for her but you can at least be honest.

5. Education and Access to Media

The media makes a huge deal of itself being the fourth branch and …. yeah. But they need to do better. The media gave Trump and Sanders a pass for all their deeply sexist and racist shenanigans in 2016 simply because HRC was a girl-type. And they justified it by saying they needed to balance coverage. Well, Sanders’ campaign improperly accessed the DNC servers, violated FEC regulations on multiple occasions, condoned harassment of women and PoCs, and reduced polling stations in areas they knew they would lose. And of him and Trump he was the nice one. You can’t gild that turd. But the media was so desperate to portray HRC as evenly matched with Sanders and Trump that they went to absurd and deeply sexist lengths to do it.

And many of you are probably still shocked that I’m defending her.

See this is the thing. In 2016 especially there was a lot of *sigh* fake news. People have seriously in all honesty actually asked me how I can defend HRC after she murdered a guy. She didn’t, and despite the vast issues with news reporting in 2016 no actual news outlet reported that, but there are millions of people out there who hand on heart believe that and even crazier things because “it was on the news.”

Starting in about 2010 and continuing to this day there’s been Russian infiltration into US media sources so if you truly don’t know all the really awful stuff about Trump and Sanders but do know crazy myths about HRC it’s not entirely your fault. You were targeted. But you were targeted due to a perception of your pre-existing bias.

Again …. white supremacy. The media caters to it because it’s powerful, Russia used it because it’s already there ready and exploitable, and you are constantly exposed to it because it’s tendrils are omnipresent.

This is probably the hardest part of all this. You have to constantly be asking yourself, “is this information being presented to me because it’s true, or because it will reinforce a power structure and those providing it to me believe it will confirm my bias?” This is not easy to deal with and again …. read my other medium articles because I have a whole breakdown on how to deal with this.

6. Healthcare

Healthcare probably shouldn’t be my last point on here but whatever. Let’s get into it. It’s barbaric that people die or have poor outcomes due to the expense or access to healthcare.

Do you know how easy it is to stop a post-natal hemorrhage? You basically insert a balloon and inflate it. That’s it. And yet hemorrhage is one of the leading causes of maternal mortality. Now, yeah, I’m not an MD and I am massively oversimplifying things but the reason I’m saying this is aid workers in sub-Saharan Africa rigged up a kit for this which is basically tubing and a balloon and it’s saved lives.

We can get into women’s healthcare or the cost of insulin or the whole “pre-existing condition” thing but ultimately healthcare should be a basic human right. Lack of access to healthcare leads to social inequality and exacerbates institutional racism because see my piece on epigenetics and race.

So how do we fix this? Well, we stop sullying Obama’s and HRC’s good names. HRC put together the legislation that lead to the ACA aka Obamacare. They’re both really good pieces of legislation …. which have been systematically weakened by a bunch of selfish white guys in power. And they weren’t weakened over legitimate concerns … most Americans LOVE Obamacare. They were weakened because Obama’s black and HRC’s a lady.

You might be wondering how this impacts democracy. Well, lack of healthcare disproportionately effects minorities. And if you’re dead you can’t vote. Usually. There was that one time in Chicago. But that’s beside the point.

But being sick can also effect your ability to cast a ballot. My state residence is California which, basically when I went to college my mom helped me set myself up as an absentee voter and I’ve never actually voted at a polling place. That may seem super privileged but it’s allowed me to participate in every election since I turned 18. Without an absentee ballot I would have had to jet or drive back every single time there was an election. And that’s expensive.

Now consider if the reason I needed an absentee ballot was more pressing than that. What if I had mobility issues or a chronic disease. People in that situation cannot necessarily wait around in line. They might not even be able to physically get to a polling place. If they’re going to participate in democracy as is their right and responsibility regardless of how sick they may be, that absentee ballot is crucial. And while in California it’s a quick form and confirmation of your identity often via a signature in other states it’s much much more difficult. You have to PROVE you can’t go to the polling place.

So yeah, health really does matter and ironically the very people who are disenfranchised due to their health are the people who most need the laws to protect their healthcare.

The simple solution here? Vocally support the ACA and do not politicize various diseases. Get your damn vaccinations and if a woman needs to go to a Planned Parenthood for a pre-natal exam that is none of your goddamn business.

Goodnight and Good Luck

Anyways, I do apologize for being ranty here and not providing literally any links or source material but I’m currently in London watching the collapse of an Empire for stupid reasons. At least when Rome collapsed there were pirates and horse people who might have had something to do with it. We’re collapsing because of stupid white guys. Considerably less cool than Vikings, Avars, and Huns oh my. No, seriously, America was just getting going and now …. for example women have worse economic prospects than they did in the 90s. This World Power is going out with a smelly fart.


Doctor of Palaeopathology, rage-prone optimist, stealth berserker, opera enthusiast, and insatiable consumer of academic journals.

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