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And voter suppression is degenerative joint disease

Especially not this one

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1. Millennials Like Listicles

2. Listicles Are Not Informative

Why I … hate it? Do I even hate it? I dunno.

(Interlude in Prague movie still)

Why Are You so Bothered by Someone Else’s Identity?

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That don’t involve lollipops.

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1. Immunity to a Potentially Fatal Disease

A Review of the Classic Coming of Age Story

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Or: How I am Learning to Love my Bombshell Body

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  1. About 25% of individuals suffering from eating disorders in the UK are men.
  2. Eating disorders may be associated with or even symptomatic of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  3. There’s no positive correlation between high socioeconomic status and eating disorders and for some eating disorders the correlation…

An Open Letter to the Woman who Could Steal my Partner and Married my (Distant) Cousin.

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Populism’s Chilling Effect on Democracy

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