5 Reasons We’re Going to Get Out of this Colossal Mess

The night’s always darkest before the dawn.

It’s bad. And I mean it’s really bad. Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away at the hardly youthful age of 87 on Sept. 18th, white supremacy is being shouted from the White House, the best of our institutions are being shredded, Trump and his toadies are undermining the election, and every day we learn of more foreign interference and more corruption within the government.

But there are things to be optimistic about.

1. Democrats are angry, organized, and united.

Yeah, we’ve got some stuff to iron out. There’s still a few people mad about Kamala Harris for dumb reasons or who think they could do a better job than Nancy Pelosi because something something chocolate ice cream but for the most part Democrats are working together towards the goal of ousting the oligarch.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s memory is a blessing and a revolution.

In the 12 hours after her death was made public ActBlue raised $30 million and that weekend vote.org logged some 40,000 new voter registrations. Democrats including young democrats are volunteering, calling, zooming, and donating to get Trump and his Republican enablers out of our Executive Branch of government, our Senate, and our House.

2. BLM is gaining traction.

Trump is scared as hell of BLM because a.) omg Black people and b.) they’re going to march him out of office and straight into prison where he belongs. For the longest time white supremacists had their thumb pretty squarely on America in general and Black people in particular. But because the offenses have been so repetitive, so egregious, and so spectacularly unjust (Breona Taylor’s murderers are walking away just about scot-free) white people have HAD to take notice. And yeah, all lives won’t matter until Black Lives Matter.

The BLM movement has effectively and peacefully raised awareness of the continuing legacy of racism in our nation and how that is detrimental not just to Black people, but to all Americans from all backgrounds.

3. Elected Democrats are DONE playin’

Honestly, find me an elected Democrat who is in it for the wrong reasons and I’ll find you someone about to switch Parties. Democrats … I mean we tend to look like suckers a lot because we try to play fair in a rigged game, but we don’t screw around. Except for Anthony Wiener. But he no longer counts.

People got angry at Pelosi and Schumer for being so deliberate with impeachment but they knew they couldn’t remove Trump from office. They knew the best thing they could do is prove beyond a shadow of a doubt to the American people just how deeply corrupt he is, and they did exactly that. Everyone knew Trump and his family and his “friends,” if it can be said he has any are all deeply corrupt, but the elected Democrats put together a case that for anyone but a sitting President of the United States would have meant a life sentence.

The House oversight committee has today introduced to the floor the Protecting Our Democracy Act which will codify the checks and balances as well as some of the norms and traditions of the Presidency that are not currently formalized as law. They did this apparently in record time and it addresses just about every concern I laid out in my last article.

And guys, it hasn’t gotten much press but Democrats are doing even more in another committee and it’s scheduled to come out in October.

4. Trump shot too early.

I have been handwringing about what absolute mendacity the Trump team were going to try to offload in October as their last ditch attempt to get elected, but it came out last night, and it’s kind of pathetic.

Basically, Eric Trump tried to delay being deposed and failed miserably because the NYAG is also just absolutely done so the Trump campaign tried to counter with Hunter Biden’s legal and lucrative business dealings. Oh no, Hunter’s done well for himself in a responsible if wildly successful manner that I am a bit jealous of but too bad I’ve made my bed, oh noooooooo.

It’s possible they’ll make up an additional “surprise,” regarding lizards or something but I’ve already made my jokes about Mitch McConnell and William Barr being uncannily herpetopoidic. Anyway, it is exceptionally unlikely after this that they actually have anything in their arsenal that could deter Democratic voters after everything they’ve done and said out loud.

5. America has learned from its mistake.

Trump was never elected in the first place, but enough people in 2016 were complacent or misogynist enough that he was able to slither into the Oval Office, coil around the resolute desk and set up hissing and spitting for the better part of the last four years.

There’s a few people still clinging to racism or misogyny or desperately trying to justify their past vote, but the vast majority of Americans have seen this for what it was. This was an authoritarian takeover of our government and an attempt to destroy our democracy.

Trump will insist he’s won even when it’s clear he hasn’t. But America will not stand for him any longer. We know what’s at stake and come noon January 20th, Trump will cease to be President.

Gonna let Nina Simone take it away from here.

Doctor of Palaeopathology, rage-prone optimist, stealth berserker, opera enthusiast, and insatiable consumer of academic journals.

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