4 Reasons to Get the Vaccine

That don’t involve lollipops.

Ariadne Schulz
6 min readMar 29, 2021


Hopefully, I’m preaching to the choir here and no one who is not immunocompromised or otherwise unable to receive a jab has any doubts about this, but there have been a few reports of vaccine refusal among certain populations. So, in case any of you or any of your friends or relatives are still on the fence about being made immune from a potentially fatal and highly contagious pathogen, here’s four reasons to go forth and get your jab.

1. Immunity to a Potentially Fatal Disease

Come with me if you want to live. Get it? It’s Arnold Schwarzenegger as a syringe full of vaccine. Shut up; I’m funny. (Terminator 3, Columbia Pictures, 2003)

This one’s pretty straightforward. And it’s what I consider the Arnold Schwarzenegger motive for getting vaccinated. Covid-19 is technically a really bad cold, but it’s such a bad cold that it’s killed 2.78 million people with 127k of those deaths occurring in the UK and 549k in the US.

Moreover, there’s not really much indication of who might have the worst reactions to it. Clearly, people over about fifty or sixty years of age fair much worse than those in younger age brackets as do those with certain conditions and health histories, but there have been strokes in people in their thirties, Olympic athletes have reported extreme symptoms, and there is a tendency in some populations towards “long Covid.”

With the immunization even if you are not entirely and immediately immune straight away — say you’ve received the vaccine which requires two doses — the evidence suggests that if you somehow manage to catch it after vaccination your symptoms will be far less pronounced and — most notably — no one who has received the vaccine and come down with Covid thereafter has died.

So, why not just get the jab and ensure that you — yes you — won’t die? I mean, maybe don’t engage in reckless behaviour after getting it because it’s not that kind of immunity, but it will keep you from dying from Covid.

2. Herd Immunity



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